Storage Cum Play Mat - Lego Mat

Storage Cum Play Mat - Lego Mat

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Tire of stepping on all those toys? No worries - Swoop Bags to the rescue! A simple designed toy bag to help LEGO storage and other small toys.  Description: These Organic Cotton toy storage bags are simple in design with a clean modern look and the most durable toy bag in the market. Ideal for LEGO storage and other small toys like wooden trains, cars, blocks, dolls, bricks, stuffed animals and more! when opened wide, these bags convert into a circular palymat that 3-4 kids can comfortably paly around. Swoop bags are totally a cleanup dream and toy storage solution for parents, caregivers or anyone facing the challenge of cleaning up all theose little toys. Just "Swoop Up" the tou bag with the nylon cords, tie cords to secure  closed  and stow in a bin, hang on a bed post, hook or door knob.  Features: -100% cotton   -Reversible mat. -MAchine washable  -58 inches diameter.

Product Material: 100% Cotton

Dimensions: 15 x 12 inches

Delivery Time: 7-10 Days

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