Scavenger Hunt

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Children learn best through the process of discovery! Big LittleThings has used this fact to develop a stimulating ‘play and learn’ game, Scavenger Hunt. With this exciting game, your little champs can quickly learn unfamiliar concepts as you guide them on delightful discoveries in spaces around you. Brightly coloured flashcards with simple illustrations make it easy for little ones to imbibe new ideas. And the hunt for the object that matches the attributes in the cards reinforces the learning with just the perfect mix of fun, focus and fluidity! This adventurous game develops a whole bevy of skills in your preschoolers and kindergarteners including memorization, vocabulary, visual perception and motor skills. It also boosts their confidence for classroom learning. Compactly stored in a 4* 8 inches pack, this small box of cards is easy to pack and holds hours worth of joy for you and your kids that can be unpacked anywhere and everywhere. It magically transforms ordinary spaces, like your living room, a park, a hotel room, a friend’s house, a sandy beach or even a boring waiting lounge into extraordinary avenues of adventures!

And to top it all, playing Scavenger Hunt with your kids or grandkids definitely qualifies for quality time with them because they’re not just playing but also learning and you’re not just teaching you’re also bonding!

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