Dessert Table Cot Bumper Set

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Packed around all edges of your baby’s crib, is a desert crawl better known as the Dessert Table Bumper Set. Starting with toffee, we move on to flavors of ice cream, sprinkles on the donut, cupcakes brimming with frosting, and a banana split as a palate cleanse. Don’t miss the scrumptious hangings. With a bumper set this sweet, your baby is sure to have a honey tongue! Not only protecting your infant from any possible blows, but these happy, sugary cushions also help create an early familiarization with all things happy. The easily removable bumpers-having tie-ups at the back- allow these cushions to later be used as accessories around the house. Care for a little sugar rush?

An edging that doubles up to perform only one too many functions. Need we say more?

The Bumper set is made in 100% cotton, with contrast colored Giza cotton and appliques for detailing. The detailed artistry is available on each individual product.

Inclusions- Miss Cupcake 14” X 11” (1pc), Lollipop Cushion 14” X 17” (1pc), Strawberry Dreams 14.5” X 8” (1pc), Donut Hunt 14.5” X 14.5” (1pc), The Cone Zone 15” X 14.5” (1pc), Toffee Posse 20” X 27” X 8” (1pc), Banana Split Cushion 49.5” X 15” (1pc), Donut Wall Frame 10” X 14” (1pc), Cupcake Time Wall Frame 10” X 14” (1pc)

Do not wash. Do not bleach. Do not iron. No heat. Dry clean only. Icons to be added