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The magical powers of breast milk nourish your little one with all the nutrients they need while shielding them against allergies, sickness and obesity. But you will agree that breastfeeding is one of the biggest challenges that motherhood brings along. A breast pump can help you overcome this challenge as it:

- lets you provide your little one with nutrition-rich breast milk even when you are away from them 
- helps you avoid using formula milk, which has its own health risks 
- comes handy when your little one is unwell by reducing their breastfeeding efforts 
- reduces latching issues by softening your nipples and increasing your milk production

Why Choose Vkaire Breast Pump?
The Breast Pump from the house of Vkaire is the end of all your breastfeeding struggles. Read on to know how:

  • Understands you and your need
    While operating, the Vkaire Breast Pump is quieter than the sound of a whisper, so your baby is never disturbed. Its unique memory mode saves your frequent pressure levels.
  • Don’t go by its size
    Double Breast Pump from the house of Vkaire is small and light enough to carry anywhere but doesn't compromise on its performance. Its rechargeable battery saves you from the trouble of wires.
  • Made for the ease of moms
    Assembling & dis-assembling, cleaning and drying are super quick & easy. Fine suction controls ensure expressing (squeezing of milk) is hasslefree.


Funnel & Bottle set

2 set 

Vacuum Level

-20 to -270 mm Hg 

Vacuum Control

10 Step

Expression Cycle 

24 to 60 Cycles/Min (Expression) 

Massage Cycle 

70 Cycle/Min (Massage) 

Cycle Control 

3 Step (Expression) 

Battery Type (Capacity) 

7.4 V Li-ion Polymer(900mA) 

Battery Run Time 

150 Mil 

Battery Charging Time 

90 Min 

Funnel Size 



50mm diameter Mono LCD 


Expression, Massage, Memory (BT-100) 

Dimension (HxWxD) 

132 x 95 x 49 mm 



Pumping System 

Closed System (Backflow Prevention) 

Auto Shut off 

30 Mins 


BPA Free I Latex Free 


1 year (Main unit)


FDA, CE, 1S013485, GMP