Bears - Cover Diaper Set

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Reusable Cloth Cover Diapers

Bum Print Baby’s Cloth Diapers are easy to use, super absorbent and the perfect cloth diapering solution. Our cloth diapers, made of Bamboo Charcoal Inner and PUL waterproof outer cover, can be used from birth to potty training as they are sizable and adjustable according to your baby's size. They are free of toxic chemicals and made from safe, eco-friendly fabrics that reduce the chances of a diaper rash. Our diapers can be used for 250+ washes and will only work better each time. These diapers are the economical option and you can save a lot of money by switching from disposables as you need only between 12 and 16 throughout your baby's diapering years! Reduce your baby's bum print on earth with our cloth diapers.

FIT: Our diapers are suitable for babies (3 kg) through to toddler/potty training age (17kg) depending on individual body shape. Resize the diaper using the adjustable snap system to achieve the perfect fit, and then either lay the insert on top of shell or inside the pocket depending on the style of the diaper (look at our sizing & fitting infographic). After the diaper is properly prepared, you can fit it on to your baby. 

FIRST WASH: Unsnap all the buttons of your new diaper and wash on a short rinse cycle with a small amount of good quality detergent. Once dry, it is ready for use. 

CARE: Follow washing instructions for pre – rinsing, pre – wash, main wash and drying cloth diapers in a machine wash setting and hand wash routine (look at our washing infographic).

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